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     One of the projects I am currently working on is a pair of night tables.  These tables are the latest addition to a bedroom set in Brooklyn Heights.  So far a closet with sliding doors and a queen bed have been completed.  For this part of the project  I gave the clients sketches and plans for three possible night table pairs.  Sometimes I draw up more plans or even make a model of a project, other times the client themselves has a clear idea of what they want and only a single set of drawings is needed to turn that idea into working plans.






The clients and I went over the three sets of drawings and they were immediately drawn to this design.  The rest of the pieces I have designed in the room are large pieces with very strong presences.  Not every element in a room can have a strong presence, some elements need to be complimentary.  The clients and I agreed that these tables filled that role while keeping with the art deco and Pierre Chareau influenced feel of the room. 

One change that the clients wanted was to replace the small sliding doors on the top with a drawer in that space.  The space is too shallow for a traditional drawer so I proposed a drawer which would pivot out.  A pivot drawer works in shallow spaces and fits in well with the pivot design on the piece.




With the design decided the next step is building the tables
























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