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 After figuring the rough dimensions of each piece I selected the wood from my collection of ribbon sapele mahogany.   The pieces must be carefully laid out with an eye for the color and grain of each board.  The curved pieces are coopered together then routed out on the inside to fit an exact diameter.  The outside of the curves are handplaned to true round.


Because the design includes many unsupported right angles the joinery needed to be especially strong, but I did not want complex exposed joinery to further complicate the already complex design.  I chose full blind dovetails.  The joint will lock the pieces together like a puzzle inside while the outside remains an undisturbed clean surface.  The bronze pieces are welded so that the shelf can pivot.  Finally a drawer is made which pivots on bronze knife hinges.  I have obviously skipped over many steps in the process, but I hope that this rough outline is useful in explaining the complex process from the design discussion to the final piece.


















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